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MCX membership is for Professional Coaches and people who want to become coaches. Potential coaching clients can use it to connect with you and even get to know you before they buy. This is a win-win-win site. We don't vet the coaches who join this site and we don't guarantee the quality of your coaching services, but we do try to verify in a very basic way that you are at least who you say you are. So here are a few requirements that we have that you need to meet in order for your membership to be approved. 1. A head shot (photograph) of you. 2. Your first and last name. 3. Answers to our profile questions. 4. At least one website address/URL that points to a live site or blog that belongs to you OR two social networking profile addresses for you at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or another major social networking site. The more, the better. We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone for any reason. If you don't have all of the above when you submit your membership, your membership will either be declined or kept on hold for a week or so, so you can complete it. JOIN HERE


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