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  • Coaching for Habitat for Humanity

    9 members Latest Activity: May. 14, 2009 This group is for people who got free coach training in exchange for a contribution to Habitat for Humanity and want to connect with each other

  • Thoughts on marketing

    12 members Latest Activity: Mar. 24, 2009 There is SUCH a huge difference between good marketing, i.e. communication that helps people get what they want and bad marketing, communication that…

  • Promos

    7 members Latest Activity: May 8

  • Coach 100 Buddies and FAQ

    7 members Latest Activity: Nov. 9, 2009 This group is for members of the Coach 100 Program, who want to share tips and support with other members. This is also the place to ask questions abo…

  • Coaching for Plumpy Nut

    7 members Latest Activity: Dec. 6, 2009 This group is just for members of the live Coaching for Plumpy Nut course.


  • Business Coach, Julia Stewart
  • Jude Eastman
  • Denise Horn
  • Karen Chastain
  • Sus Kongsbak Larsen


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