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Business Coach, Julia Stewart

IAC N American Virtual Chapter


IAC N American Virtual Chapter

Welcome to the discussion forum & social network for the IAC N. American Virtual Chapter. We meet by phone once per month to discuss topics of interest, such as running a successful business & getting certified. Connect & network here between calls.

Location: North America
Members: 22
Latest Activity: Jul. 20, 2010


  • Business Coach, Julia Stewart
  • John Hlavac
  • Mag Alef
  • Emanuel Campos
  • Maquada Williams
  • Karen Chastain
  • Heidi Courtney
  • Robert Monteux
  • Paul Leonard Bederio RN
  • Jude Eastman
  • Denise Horn
  • Sus Kongsbak Larsen
  • Jen Dowdeswell
  • Sam


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