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Business Coach, Julia Stewart

Success With Social Networking will be 2 days late, but it's on its way

I promised it on November 3rd, but ran into some technical issues. Now I can't tear myself away from the election returns, so I hope you'll forgive me, but the 1st lesson should go out tomorrow, Nov 5th.

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Hey there Julia!

Thank you for all you do!

: )
Thanks Jane - And the first lesson still isn't out, though. I bit off way too much this week, but it's coming out, I promise!

Well, it's a week late, but Lesson 1 just went out. It's in video form and covers some of the basics of Social Media and how to get started with MCX. And for those of you who are power users, we'll get into more complex stuff soon enough! And I bet everyone will find nifty stuff to explore here that you didn't know about.

- Julia
I look forward to it Julia!



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