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Hi - School of Coaching Mastery is moving its blog over to the SCM site to make everything just a bit easier to navigate. To celebrate, we're going to run a contest for the Top Ten Coaching Blogs in the world.

As a preliminary, I'm inviting YOU to nominate your favorite coaching blogs.

There are two categories:

1. Favorite Blog Written by a Coach

2. Favorite Relevant Blog Written by a Non-Coach

And there are two rules:

1. You can't nominate your own blog.

2. You CAN ask someone else to nominate your blog for you.

Add your nominations in the comments of this discussion. (Please don't email them to me.)

The results of the contest will be displayed with links on the SCM website for all the world to see.

But hurry, nominations will close in a few days - and the real voting will begin!

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Awesome! Thanks Pat!
I second the Doris Helge blog vote.



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