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Greetings everyone. I'm not sure if I will be on the call today but I shared latest experience with curiosity with Julia and now am sharing it with you. Can't wait to hear your stories as well.

The other day Julia asked us to practice in regular conversation some of the tools she'd given us over the last couple of days. Let me just tell you the difference - even in the quality of the conversation - is AMAZING! I had dinner with a friend last night. My friend is this hard working, kind hearted beautiful person who has worked for a boss that doesn't value her in a position for which she is overqualified for six years now. I've always made assumptions about why she stays even though she is clearly unhappy. Last night, curiosity took over and I began to ask her questions and then listen. Then I found myself acknowledging and supporting. The best part was not having an agenda. By not having an agenda, you create the space where listening, questioning, acknowleging all happen without you ever having to think about them. And one more thing, I resisted putting on my "save the world" hat which meant at the end of our dinner, I felt wonderful and so did she.

Great Life skills!


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